Grand Priory

Balgonie Castle 2009

Balgonie 2009

Above HSE. Chev. George Stewart with the founding Knights of the Order

Balgonie Castle 2012

Balgonie 2012

Here we see HSE. Chev. George Stewart KGCTpl congratulating HSE. Chev. Archibald Young KGCTpl
 on  his becoming the new  Grand Prior of the Order on the 1st September 2012 at Balgonie  Castle in Fife.

The Grand Priory continues to grow from strength to strength thanks to the leadership and the dedication
 of  the Knights and Squires, it is through  their hard  work and  dedication that carries the Order forward.

HSE. Chev. George Stewart KGCTpl he is  now  known  as  Grand Prior Emeritus .

George resigned from the Order in 2013

Raison d’être





















1.   The Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland, Scottish Knights Templar will endeavour to promote Scotland’s history and preserve her culture, traditions and heritage.

2,   Our Chivalry will strive to always seek the truth in the study and development of Templarism.

3.    We are committed to the pursuit of Chivalric Christian Ideals and to the support of charitable   causes.

4.    The Members have elected enthusiastically to host and to act as Pathfinders for International Templars and Pilgrims visiting Scotland.

“Fit For Purpose”

Raison d’être, Mission Statement, call it what you will but it still remains one of the most important statements any organisation is likely to make. In this, an organisation is making a statement about what it means, but does it mean what it is saying? After all, it is your very reason for being.
The Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland, have thought long and hard about this subject.
Our self examination considered carefully “the very reasons for being formed into such an Order as ours”. The main conclusions of our deliberations are set out in the four points of our Raison d’être, but these are by no means exhaustive in nature.
The Scottish Nation is justly proud of its history and heritage, its culture and traditions. It is therefore quite a natural and noble stance for Scottish Templars to support these ideals, just as we would wish this for Templars of every country.
Our Chivalry are actively taking part in historical research and they are more than willing to share their findings with like minded Templars.
We, as all Templars should be, are committed to Chivalric Christian Ideals, whilst respecting each others beliefs and viewpoints which may differ from our own. We do have a nominated charity and it is our intention to support a further three recipients, however it is not intended that charity becomes a primary function.
Our desire to act as hosts and Pathfinders for International Templars and Pilgrims visiting Scotland, is very central to “the reason for our being”.

Raison d’être in Montenegrin
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Raison d’être in Spanish/Razón de ser en castellano
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Raison d’être in Portuguese/Razão de ser em portugues
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Our nominated Charitythis year is

Help for Heroes

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