Cistercian Abbeys in Scotland

We look at first to Rievaulx Abbey the mother Abbey concerning Melrose Abbey, although it was not Scottish this is where it all started, it was founded in 1132 by twelve Monks from  Clairvaux Abbey, after a couple of years the Abbey was so full of Monks they had to look for another area and this would be in Scotland.





Rievaulx Abbey - North Yorkshire ( 1132 )
Abbots of Reivaulx.pdf

Balmerino Abbey  Fife ( Founded in 1227 )
List of Abbots

File:Coupar Angus Abbey.jpg
Cupar Angus ( Founded in 1161 )
List of Abbots

File:Culross Abbey, Fife, Scotland.JPG
Culross Abbey Fife ( Founded in 1217 )
List of Abbots

File:Deer Abbey 020.jpg
Deer Abbey in Buchan ( Founded in 1219 )
Unfortunately there is no list of Abbots

File:Dundrennan Abbey.jpg
Dundrennan Abbey Kirkudbrightshire ( Founded 1142 )
List of Abbots

File:Glenluce Abbey.jpg
Glenluce Abbey Wigtownshire ( Founded in 1190 )
List of Abbots


File:Kinloss Abbey.jpg
Kinloss Abbey in Moray ( Founded in 1150 )
List of Abbots
Melrose Abbey ( Founded in 1136 )
List of Abbots

File:Gates of Newbattle Abbey.jpg
Newbattle Abbey Midlothian ( Founded in 1140 )
List of Abbots

Newbattle Abbey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SANCTA MARIA ABBEY, Nunraw, Haddington ( Post Reformation )

File:Saddell Abbey 20100928 north transept and choir.jpg
Saddell Abbey Argyll ( Founded in 1207 )
List of Abbots

        File:Sweetheart Abbey entrance.jpg  File:Sweetheart Abbey.jpg File:Sweetheart Abbey1.jpg
Sweetheart Abbey Dumfries ( Founded in 1275 )
List of Abbots


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