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    Templar Lands

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    Balantrodach ( Temple Village )
St Mary's Chapel

Photographs of Temple Church by Chev Archie Young KCTpl

In 1128 the cousin of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugh of Payns met  David I in Scotland.  Thereafter David I granted the Templars land
at Balantrodach also spelt Balantrodoch and Balantradoch, on  the South Esk  now Temple, Midlothian, this became their primary seat
in Scotland. After the  supression of  the  Order  in 1312, the new  Order of St. John and the Temple had its principal seat at Torpichen.

Historic Stone found at Temple Church


Mount Lothian
St Mary's Chapel ( Midlothian )

The area was originally known as Monks Lothian
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    The Chapel ( St, Mary's ) was originally granted to the monks of Holyrood Abbey, the  charter being  confirmed  in 1240 and belonged  to them  until the Reformation. In 1635 
    the church was transferred to the episcopate of  Edinburgh, and  in 1638 the parish of  Mount Lothian was  annexed to Penicuik. It was from here that Prior Abernethy warned  
    the  Scottish Army about the the English Army on the way to do battle at Rosslyn in 1303.  Abernethy claimed he was a retired Knight Templar.

St Mary's Chapel ( Midlothian )

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                                     Moorfoot was granted to Newbattle Abbey by David I (1124- 56) (G Chalmers 1888) and there are references to the "Grange of Morthweth" (Reg Newbotle 1849).
                                     Carrick identified the published remains as a chapel belonging to Newbattle Abbey, and suggested that Moorfoot farmhouse and outbuildings is largely a reconstruction
                                     of the ancient monastic grange (J L Carrick 1907). RCAHMS also classified the ruins as a chapel, dating it probably from the 13th C.

St. Mary's Chapel

Old Pentland
 Four  Knights  Templar  grave  slabs  were  found  here  in 1912
they are on display in the old Watchman's building in the grounds
one was  gifted to  Rosslyn Chapel and is on display in the Crypt

Old Currie Church

Eastfield Edinburgh

Sit of St. Mary Magdalene Chapel
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( Kincardenshire )


St Mary's Chapel, the Templar Church in the grounds of the Mary Culter House Hotel

                                          Also subordinate to Balantradoch were St  Germains, East Lothian, Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, Aboyne and Tulloch,
                                          Aberdeenshire and a number of houses in Edinburgh and Leith, on which was  displayed the cross of their order.

Carruthers ( Crowdieknowe ) Ancient Chapel

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 Orphir, on Orkney's Mainland, is home to the remains of the only surviving circular church in Scotland. It was built in the first half of the 12th century and dedicated to St Nicholas.

St Magus in Kirkwall, Orkney, is the northernmost cathedral in Britain. Where a Knight Templar Slab is located.
Work started on construction of the cathedral in 1137 under the orders of Earl Rognvald, the nephew of Magnus.


It seems that at one time the KnightsTemplar owned the whole of Moffat.



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