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The Stone of Destiny

Stone of Destiny

The Order Militi Templi Scotia removing the Stone of Destiny from the Church
but is it the real one many people will ask and where is it being kept for safety.
Militi Templi Scotia ceased to exist in 2006 when a great majority of members
left and started the Jacques de Molay 1314 Commandery in 2006, it then due
to the  membership rising  became The Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland
in 2009 as  the  membership rose to the required numbers allowing it to do so.

   Brecbannoch Reliquary

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The Book of Deer

The Book of Deer is a tenth century illuminated manuscript from North East Scotland. As the only pre-Norman manuscript from this area known.
The Book of Deer is a 10th century Gospel Book, written in Latin, Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic, from Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The Book of Deer now resides in Cambridge University this book should be returned to Scotland,It was stolen from Scotland at some time by one of the English Armies.


The Honours of Scotland

The Scottish Crown Jewels are the oldest in the United Kingdom and they are the second oldest in Europe
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The Great Michael

When launched in September of 1511, the Great Michael was the largest warship in Europe, more than twice the size of her contemporary the Mary Rose.
She was ordered by King James IV it was said at the time that " all the woods in Fife " were used to build her. Some 240 feet ( 73m ) long, the four masted Michael was built at Newhaven, and was home to the 1000 marines, 300 sailors and 120 gunners when on duty, she is believed to have had  " Mons Meg " previously at ( Threave Castle but now in Edinburgh Castle ) amongst her guns, making her the warship with the largest calibre ( 22 inches ) gun ever, at that time. Expensive to maintain, the Great Michael was sold in 1514 to Louis XII of France for 40,000 livres, becoming known as La Grande Nef d'Ecosse - the Big Nave ( ship ) of Scotland. King James James on a test had a cannon made ready and fired a cannon ball at the side of the ship, the ball it's said bounced off.

Old Scottish Coins

The last Coins Minted in Scotland

This was the last coin minted in Scotland before the Union of the Crowns. James VI took many of them south with him when he assumed the throne of England. For the first time since the death St Edward the Confessor the head of the Royal House of Wessex, the heir of St Margaret, sat upon the English throne. In this way the prophecy of St Cuthbert to Alfred the Great on the Isle of Athelney was finally fulfilled ”All Albion is given to you and your sons”. James VI was baptised into the one fold of the redeemer but abducted from his mother and raised apart from the Catholic Church. His son would be the only Stuart monarch never at any time to have been a Catholic. The sceptre and sword of Scotland depicted on the coin were the gifts of Popes Alexander VI and Julius II respectively (the former being the founder of the University of Aberdeen).  Together with the crown they symbolise the three aspects of human law: the Ius Civile, Ius Gentium and Ius Naturale. They are surrounded by the maxim upon which the supremacy of the Holy See over all earthly sovereigns is founded: The Salvation of the People is the Supreme Law. Once it is baptised a country, like an individual, can never cease to be Catholic it can only cease to be itself.

Holyrood Palace

Dalkeith Palace

Linlithgow Palace

Edinburgh Castle

Urquhart Castle

Balgonie Castle - Fife

Eilean Donan Castle

Croockston Castle - Polock Glasgow

Dirlton Castle - East Lothian

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Holyrood Abbey

List of Abbots

Newbattle Abbey

What it would have looked like

Paisley Abbey

List of Abbots

St. Giles Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral

Mary Kings Close

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