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There is an easy way to appreciate the Great Highland Bagpipe. Tune into BBC Radio Scotland's weekly piping programme "Pipeline", available on demand on the internet. 
Our recommendation for learning is do not try teaching yourself, join your local pipe band or take private lessons.

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is a very important part of the Scottish Culture, and can be found anywhere in the world where there is a Scottish Community.  It is tending to go out of fashion at home though, as global popular music is marketed so heavily.  The good news is Scottish Country Dancing has become easier to learn, as there is now a variety of videos to help prepare for and refresh your steps between dances or ceilidhs. Apart from preserving an enjoyable tradition, it keeps communities alive and is a great way to keep fit.

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One of our Chevaliers has been running a campaign for "The Real Reel of the 51st", as a modern variation does not recreate Scotland's Flag, the Saltire, as a focal point intended by the creators of the famous reel.

The Fiddle

The Bagpipes

THE CLARSACH ( Small Harp )






Robbie Shepherd writes a weekly column in Comment in the Press and Journal in the North East Dialect, Doric (Doric thought to be a reference to the complex Greek Dorian dialect when it was popular to refer to Edinburgh as the Athens of the North, Athens using "Attic" Greek). He recorded a number of  his columns as a podcast,

Fou's yer dous loons and quines and other Doric masterpieces - Heritage & Culture

Scots-Online - Pittin the Mither Tongue on the Wab!

BBC - Where I Live - Voices Comments - North East

Scottish Words Illustrated

Scottish Words and Phrases

Scots Gaelic

Each year the Royal National Mod (Assembly) is a celebration of Scots Gaelic Culture.  In 2011 The Mod will be in the Western Isles from 14-22 October.

BBC - Scotland - Alba

Am Briathrachan Beag - Faclair MhicPhàrlain (on-line Gaelic dictionary)

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Robert Louis Stevenson

Internet Archive: Details: The Golden Treasury Of Scottish Poetry

Charles Murray

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