Scottish Mummy

A 4000 year old female found in China has been Identified as a Scot - due to its red hair and the fact it was wearing a kilt like dress.

                          There has been much debate about the origins of the mummy, known as the beauty of Xiaohe, since she was found in Vinjiang region

 in western China.

Other mummified remains found in the regiaon have been linked to warriors of the Caledonii tribe.

The beauty is on show in Philadelphia in the US as part of the Chinese Secrets Of The Silk Road exhibition.

One source who viewed the mummy, believed to be among the earliest inhabitants of the Xinjiang region, said.
 " The hair has an orange tint and she looks Celtic or Scottish. The clothes had plaid patterns, like Scottish kilts.

The mummies linked to the Caledonii have red-brown hair and a ginger beard and wore tartan leggings.

Supposedly the bodies are better preserved than Egyptian mummies and similarities to traditional Bronze Age Celts are said to be astounding.


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