The Automomous Grand Priory of Scotland
                                                                                Scottish Knights Templar

The St.Clairs ( Sinclair )

Many historians portray the St.Clairs as having beeen Knights Templar, however, they were Crusaders, the St.Clairs were at the Trial of The Templars at Hoyrood Abbey in 1309 and gave evidence against the Templars.
Some historians state that the St.Clairs owned Balantrodach when they never, the land was owned only by the Templars gifted by King David I of Scotland, but they did however own quite a bit of land in Midlothian but never owened  Balantrodach
( Temple Village ).
The St.Clairs were on the good side of King Robert the Bruce they were both great friends, while on a Hunting trip where  Penicuik is today Bruce put a bet on with St.Clair that his hound would bring down a Deer before his. The chase was on and St.Clairs hound won the bet, Bruce being the hoest that he was granted St.Clair the land they were standing on, St.Clair built a Chapel on it dedicated to St.Catherine, sadly no longer there the land was flooded and is now a reservoir, it was drained back in te 1960s and nothing is left of the Chapel.
In 2014 the Earl of Rosslyn had the words " Knight Templar " removed from the stone that is dedicated to St.Clair, the Earl stated that he was never a Templar, the stone is in Rosslyn Chapel.