~Warrior Monk~

From darkness now the light,
See the knights so bright,
A life of prayer and grace,
In His name they face.

Cold the nights that turn,
Long the days that burn,
Silence a life without tear,
Battle ready not a fear.

Savage the blows that tare,
Ready to defend they dare,
Such a path thats walked,

For Christian lifes thats talked.

Walls that shake and fall,
Sceams they hear Her call,
Poor the Knights that save,
With their lifes willingly gave.

~The Templar Way~      

Splayed the cross thats worn,
After the oath is sworn,
Red the color is shown,
Martyrdom a symbol known,

White is the mantle too,

With purity thats true,
Not to be lost or misplaced,

On the shoulders its placed,
Now theres the Latin rule,
To use as a tool,

For these are many,
To put to use be ready,
By others hard understand,
But to give a helping hand,
Not a struggle or strife,
The Templars way of life!
~ Persuasion~

Red the blood that stains,
A Life of persecution and chains,
Against the cross lifes spilled,
For their faith many killed,
Torn apart or burned alive,
If not the lions then crucified.

To be butchered or raped,
Slavery or death non escaped,
Dark the day that dawns,
So great are the wrongs,
With the tears that pour,
All the horrors as before.

Like a silent darkness falls,
Hear the sceams and calls,
For all that was good,
Devastation where He stood,
Full of hate and decay,
Like a cancer of the day.

Lies and deception quoted,
Convert or die promoted,
Blackened the terrors return,
As the fires slowly burn,
Days of hate and loss,
Smashed the church and cross.

Like before and is now,
Genocide no longer allow,
For all you hold dear,
At your door its now here,
Wake the silence thats said,

Speak the truth thats dead.
~Knight Or Dame~

The Templar Spirit at heart,
Gender plays not a part,
Splayed the cross thats worn,
An oath thats sworn,
With the highest integrity,

By cause giving charity.
A knighthood worthy of praise,
Still living from past days,
A Christian fighting squad,
With the full armour of God,

In His name strength within,

Like St Bernard free from sin,
Today the same at heart,
Always playing our part,
In troubled times we care,
For the poor we're there,
Brother,Sister I say to you,
Above all be true!


                                                                           THE AUTONOMOUS GRAND PRIORY                      
                                                                                 SCOTTISH KNIGHTS TEMPLAR



Poems supplied by Chev. James V. Wright. KCTpl ( Copyrited )

We thank our Knight James for allowing us to show some of his work.