SCOTTISH KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

                                                                                          OUR MISSION


( 1 )   Our mission is to help keep up the name and practices of the Holy Christian Church within our own country and other Christian countries, we have to work on this constantly when we see what is happening in Europe today, Europe is being overrun by migrants from various religions other than Christian many of whom do not respect the Christian Faith or our values. Many of these people are trying to change our Laws and the way we do things.

In stating the above we do not as an Order take part in demonstrations nor do we subsidise any groups who mean these people any harm, we do not tolerate any violence whatsoever this is not what true Christians do, we are here to serve God and Jesus and to love one another as was laid down by Jesus. Most of the problems we see and her about today is caused by Governments and Politicians and not by the people themselves. 

( 2 )
   We strive to protect old buildings of historical interest whether they be Castles or domestic dwellings, the governments are not really interested and it is the same with Town Councils, we just have to look at our City's where they pass the plans for modern type buildings to be built, of course the problem here is that money speaks the loudest.


( 3 )   We fight for the abuse of women, children and animals, in todays modern world there is no place for domestic abuse and it should be dealt with by the Courts more severely, we hear of today in the News about the abuse of children whether it be done through violence or sexual acts, many of these children are afraid to speak out, it has to be stopped now.


( 4 )   Animals are being abused, whether it be of a violent nature or they are just left to starve, there is no need for this, why, because they have no voice whatsoever, we have animals as pets and we should remember that we chose them they did not choose us, they give us all the love they can muster up and we should do so in return.