In March this year we created the Priory of St. Mary the Virgin and we also created a Preceptory in Slovakia it is called the Preceptory of St. Andrew. 

We will be opening new Preceptories in the Czech Republic and one in the Slovac Republic, this shows that the Order is alive and well and that great interest is being shown to us.

We also have two Roman Catholic Priests in Slovakia, they assist us in Prague by saying Mass at Investitures.

We have a Preceptorie in Hamilton near Glasgow and we have decided to open a Preceptorie in Edinburgh so if you come from Edinburgh or near and wish to join then please contact us, please remember we are strictly a Non Masonic Order.


                                                               THE AUTONOMOUS GRAND PRIORY OF SCOTLAND                    
                                                                                    SCOTTISH KNIGHTS TEMPLAR


                                  BREAKING NEWS

We are proud to inform you that In the hands of the the Grand Prior today we have a copy of what is known as  the " Edinburgh Rule " written by Johannes Michaelensis who is thought to be Scottish, this is the 10th one in existance and was written in 1128.

John Michael ( His proper name ) was the scribe of the document by order of the council and of the venerable father Bernard Abbot of Clairvaux as the Edinburgh Rule.

The Order of the Temple was in 1128 given a set of Rules deliberated over at a meeting referred to as the council of Troyes by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Nine copies of these hand written rules have known to survive and are still in existence up to this day. They are referred to as the primitive rule, the Latin rule, the French rule, and the Catalan Rule (Catalan rule being written at a later date).


i                     Expelled from the Order                               


In  March  this  year  2018  we  had to expell  our  so called  Treasurer  for disobaying Orders and not keeping our books properly and other actions not befitting a Knight Templar.


We have also in April this year expelled our Cleric from the Order for disobaying the Rules  of  the Order and  other  matters not befitting a
Knight Templar