SCOTTISH KNIGHTS TEMPLAR



                          BREAKING NEWS

Because of the rising costs we will no longer be updatng our Site, the Site will continue until it is due
to be renewed next year.

We would like to thank everyone for their support since we first published our site on the wonderful Internternet.

           May our Blessed Lord protect you all.

               Best wishes for the future from the
                 Grand Prior and all our Knights


We have since decided to withdraw all our Operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we found that they were charging Member a ridiculou s ammount of money for Membership, the Members were getting nothing back in return this continued even after we had warned them, some Members were starting ther own businesses under the name of the Order without giving a small portion of takings to the Priory.
We also found out the Prior was selling Titles to Members again at a rate that was extorsionate, then the Funds went missing without a trace and no reason given why.
Sadly the Priory had to be closed down and all the Knights Brevets cancelled because of the above, we have never come across such disobediance and defiance, please think twice before you enter a Knighthood in these countries.

The Order will no longer be recruiting anyone from Europe, we have learned our lesson the hard way.