Inauguration of the Jacques de Molay 1314 Commanderie in 2006

Rosslyn 2006

Baron St. Clair Bonde signing the Charter in Rosslyn Chapel

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Balgonie Castle 23 September 2006

Balgonie Balgonie

Celebrating the bringing in of a Squire and the Investiture of a Knight

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The Grand Priory of France visit to Rosslyn Chapel 2007
The Jacques de Molay 1314 Commandery was given the honour of opening the Knights Altar

Balantrodach ( Temple Village ) visit  2007

Some of the French Knights were given a tour of the area by Chev. Archibald A. Young KCTpl
the remaining party of French Knights decided to visit the sites and shops in Edinburgh.

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A Squire  receiving the Accolade 2007

Acceptance of a Squire Stewart Mills at Balgonie Castle, Sunday 13th April 2008

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Balgonie Castle 2007

A bench was presented to Balgonie Castle
commemorating the Knights Templar Martyrs

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Investiture of Chev Peter Washington KTpl at Rosslyn Chapel 2008

Chevaliers from Belgium were present to assist

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The Founding of the Autonomous Grand Priory of Scotland

Balgonie Castle 9th May 2009

A second bench was presented to Balgonie to mark the occasion.

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Balgonie Investiture 8th May 2010

HSE. Euan MacPherson KGCTpl performed the Installations.

The three Knights from the Czech Republic have since been put out of the Order for gross misconduct.

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Visit to Prague February 2012

On the 23rd February The Grand Prior and Chancellor were invited to Prague to open the new
Preceptory and Commandery, they also swore in new Knights and raised up two new Squires.

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Balgonie Installation of the new Grand Prior 1st September 2012

SE. Chev. Archibald A. Young KGCTpl

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Balgonie Conclave 31 August 2013

Unfortunately a photo shoot in the Chapel was not taken this year
this was due to the time the Conclave closed it was time for the banquet.

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Knights were sworn in to their new Offices - Promotions
James V. Wright now Squire.

 Squires Ronnie Bruce and Glenn Lamont received the Accolade

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Knight and SquireJames 2Balgonie 1

 Chev. James V. Wright

Squire James V. Wright recieved the coveted Accolade ( Knighthood ) and is now Chev. James V. Wright. KTpl.

We had a  wonderful day at Balgonie  where  we were  welcomed as usual by the Laird of Balgonie
Stuart  the Younger  of  Balgonie and  Kelly the  Lady  of Balgonie, we thank them for all they had
done for  us the Banquet was outstanding, the young staff they had working were fantastic and well
mannered. All our first time  guests were amazed  at the professionalism in the way the service was
carried  out, this is something many  people don't see but  it also shows  we are not a  secret society

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Grand Prior Knights 2 Sword Bearer 2 Cleric and Marshal Knights

 The Accolade
 People Guests Guests 2 
Before and After
Presentation 1 Presentation 2
Presentation of Brevets to Chev. Zbynek and Chev James

Zbynek our new Chavalier and James our new Knight Officer

Once again  we would like to thank the  Laird of Balgonie, Stuart the Younger of Balgonie
 and Kelly the Lady of Balgonie for all the preparations and a wonderful meal fit for a King

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