After having read the membership details you feel that you have the desire to join our order then please get in touch with us, we will send you an application form and after we have recieved it back we will arrange an interview at a place that will be suitable for both parties.

It is more preferable if you have your own transport in order to come to meetings and visit Templar areas, also  you must have a computer and printer so you can archive any projects.

You must not have or had a Police Record, minor offences do not count.

You have to be willing to take orders from any Officer within the Order, be a hard worker and show dedication, you will be required to carry out projects from time to time, you have to attend meetings regularly to be able to gain recognition within the Order and be promoted.

You do not need to have any academic degrees or diplomas to join all we need is your love of history and that of the Knights Templar.

If you are invited to a Preceptorie meeting you will be made more than welcome, this has been stated by all the new members we have, just feel free to ask questions in which you will get the answers you require.

Dress mode for all meetings is : Dress Suit with dress shirt and neck tie or jacket and flannels and dress shoes,
" T " shirts and trainer type shoes are not allowed to be worn except when visiting sites.

Dress mode for Inaugurations is normally Highland Regalia or an Evening Suit, if these cannot be purchased then the above mode of dress for normal meetings will suffice.

When Squired or Knighted all members have to purchase Mantles, Neck Crosses, Breast Stars and any other Regalia that is required. When Squired, Knighted or elevated in rank our members the only Brevets ( Certificates ) that are paid for are Squiring and Knighting, these are not expensive like the other Orders charge on the Internet, if any member is elevated in Rank there is no extra fee to pay and further Brevets are free of charge.

Please be aware that we now carry out very strict security checks on all applicants, this is done to safeguard ourselves and the public.

No time wasters please


You can do this by emailing us at the address below

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